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There are no heroes...

in life, the monsters win.

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Name:So Called Angel
Birthdate:May 28

You are a lazy, self-indulgent, little girl, who is making herself crazy.

About Me
Made in the 80’s. Overeducated. Underemployed.
Fangirl. Book Junkie. Social Casualty. Wannabe Writer.
Liberal. Role Player. Cat Lover. Pagan. Bisexual.

The Hunger Games. Delirium. Matched. Vampire Academy. Unwind. Teen Wolf. Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead. Everwood. Boy Meets World. Veronica Mars. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. American Horror Story. Merlin. Home and Away. Captain America. The Avengers. Harry Potter. One Direction. Roswell. Jack and Bobby. Queer as Folk. 5 Seconds of Summer. The Vamps.

Friending Policy
I try to be active on livejournal but fail more often than not.
I do love new friends though and as long as I don’t know you in real life, friend away.
Just be sure to comment my fo entry so I know you friended me and I can friend you back.

Was I ever crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is.

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